Two Swallows


The swallow represents the safe journey of a sailor. Sailors would have one tattooed on their hand, wrist or collar bone and, with any luck, have a second one tattooed on them upon their return to their home port. The swallow also represents five thousand nautical miles travelled, acting as an indication of a sailorโ€™s experience depending on the amount of swallows they had.

Sailor Jerry is one of the most prolific tattoo artists of the last century, based in Hawaii, he would tattoo the swallows on many young sailors and soldiers leaving to the sandy beaches of the Pacific theatre to give them luck and hope for their return.

As two runaway swallows, our tattoos represent our experiences, our travels, our friendship and, hopefully, our safe return.

Blue Swallow, Emily, and Red Swallow, Seb, are two weary travellers, running away from the tedium of their lives. Currently having settled in Hanoi, Vietnam to experience the local life.

By following them on their travelling odysseys you will get to witness their fun times, screw ups and, hopefully, you might just learn a thing or two.


Finding it heart-breaking that beautiful locations become money-sucking tourist traps with no regards for culture or learning, the swallows became Ambassadors, with aims to find and share ethical and culturally-immersive, off the beaten path experiences!